Camí de l’Ossa- The Circular Trail in Andorra


Oferta de Hotel + Ruta de Senderismo Cami de L Ossa de Andorra

PARIS HOTEL *** the only hotel in Andorra specializing in hiking, offers the possibility of crossing the popular “Cami de l’Óssa” under the following conditions:

Hiking trail in Andorra Encamp Mountains “Cami de L’Óssa” Discount for hotel guests.


CONDITIONS OF THE OFFER before and after:

As creators and organizers of this journey of hiking, we offer our customers special conditions if you stay at our hotel. Both before and after having done this route or crossing shall have the following special rates:


Bed and breakfast: 25 EUR Half board: 35 EUR(Prices per person and day +4% ISI)
In addition to the discount for staying at our hotel we offer:
    • Detailed and reliable of all roads in the parish of Encamp.
    • We will share with you our common passion, we will advise according to your physical, expectations and time available.
    • You may download, if you have GPS, the traks of all the ways that we know and we travel regularly and we have selected for you.
    • Of course the schedule of our hotel will never be an inconvenience to their hobby.
    • We serve breakfast when you need
    • We will prepare, if desired, the food you ask us to spend the day enjoying the sport and our wonderful and unknown environment.


If “Walking” is what you like, to hike up the mountain, discover new paths, ecstasy contemplating a black pine forest, the source of a river through the rocks and the granite walls, if you prefer to meet with a wild horse or a cow grazing instead of a car, do not hesitate, this is your hotel in Andorra!

The “L’CAMÍ OSSA” – Hiking trail in Encamp, Andorra:

In 2008 we made our dreams a reality. We managed to launch the first, so far only, trip round the Principality of Andorra. It`s name is “Cami de l’Óssa”.  Hundreds of people annually have enjoyed this magnificent unique journey. You can find all necessary information at .

BOOK the “Cami de L’Óssa” OFFER through this form:


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