Caldea, the Andorra Spa and Wellnes Resort

Baño exterior de Caldea


The Caldea thermal center is located in Escaldes is one of the largest in Europe surrounded by mountains. Come and relax in this paradise of water and forget about everything!

» Thermo Playful Space:  with all types of entry tickets

The Bathing Area

– Large Indoors lagoon: Thermal water of 32 ° C-34 ° C.  Gooseneck, jacuzzi, water spray masks for facial moisturizing and cups tubs.

– Outdoors Lagoon: Thermal water of 32 ° C-34 ° C. Access to the stream flow from the large lagoon, jacuzzi up and bubble beds

– Outdoor Jacuzzi

– Indo-Roman baths: Thermal water bath at 36 ° C and cold bath at 14 ° c.


– Icelandic Bath: Stimulates circulation from head to toe through the ice or a cold bath

– Area of aquamasaje: To tone the body parts

Siroco Bath : relaxing hot air bath

– Saunas with relaxing light: Dry heat at about 85 ° C and hydration refreshing to promote general relaxation and breathing

Wood Light: Relaxation of negative ions


– Relaxation under infrared: help maintain body heat after the fitness room has a relaxing effect and no tan

Relaxing in the sun on the terraces

» Space Wellness: Wellness entries only

Unique facilities with personalized service, to feel unique, in addition to the space program. Will facilitate the Wellness bathroom clothes as a towel, bathrobe and slippers and free access to recreational space heat

Aztec bathroom with power, surrounded by tropical gardens, grapefruit bath in a Japanese garden that exfoliates and softens the skin, A Haman to enjoy the purifying action of steam, a relaxing bath in a Zen environment, water beds and bar water with terrace …


Other services of  Caldea:

* More than 80 massages of all types: Oriental, Traditional, Aesthetic, Facial, Body, Ayurveda, 4 hands, Chocolate therapy, anti cellulite and slimming …

* Restaurants, Chaldean store, shopping arcade and a panoramic lift with spectacular views …

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